Tips and Tricks for New Property Managers

Denver property management hints and tips

Property management is a complex field of activity, a field in which success is usually the result of experience. If you are a beginner, looking for some tricks and tips from Denver property management specialists that can help you work efficiently and avoid pitfalls from day one, here are some important pieces of advice:

  • Document everything you do – it might seem like something that works against efficient planning, but it is actually a very important part of your job as a property manager and also an essential precaution measure. Make it a habit to document every discussion with tenants, contractors and the members of your own team – you will soon see how handy those records are;
  • Stop multi-tasking – you might be good at it, but handling multiple tasks simultaneously makes it easier to lose track of what you actually need to do. Try to organize your work in blocks instead – you will be able to get more done during your workday;
  • Use a calendar and to-do lists – having too much to do will inevitably lead to forgotten appointments, so record all the tasks to be handled into a calendar. Digital calendars are the best, especially if you configure your notifications;

Don’t be afraid to hand tasks over to coworkers – your team members are there to take burdens off your shoulder, so do not hesitate, use their help

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