The future outlook for Denver real estate investors looks bright.

In 2006-2007 we had over 30,000 properties on the market in the metro area, single-family homes, condos and multi-family listings.  Today we find ourselves with a shortage of inventory with only 2,541 properties on the market with a continued high-demand as many people

Why Rental Management Companies Exist

Top shelf Denver property management companies exist because the process of managing rental properties is very complex and most property owners need professional help to ensure that their rental business is lucrative, indeed. Property management companies take over all the important tasks

What Services Do Rental Management Companies Charge For

Property management contracts might seem complicated at first glance, so if you are currently planning to hire prominent Denver property managers and you want to know what services you will be charged for, here are the most common fee categories: A one-time

The Basics on How Property Management Companies Operate

Property management refers to the management of a property performed by third parties – specialized companies. They deal directly with the relationship with tenants, to save landlords` time, to advertise the property, to comply with the laws and rules of the area