Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Condo Complex

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The management of condo complexes poses multiple, unique challenges that distinguishes these complexes from other types of residential buildings, such as single-family homes. Here are some tips from to condo complex management:

  • Know your rights and responsibilities – one of the most important differences between condos and apartment complexes occupied by people who pay a rent is the ownership structure. While in the case of rented apartments, the maintenance of the entire property falls on management, in the case of condos, the occupants are owners as well, therefore they are responsible for maintaining specific areas of the real estate;
  • Work only with the best contractors – despite the special ownership features, condo management still involves lots of maintenance and repair tasks that need to be performed at the highest quality level. Make sure that the contractors you outsource these tasks to are the best and not only in terms of professional knowledge, but when it comes to reliability as well;
  • Have everything planned –regular maintenance is key to avoiding costly repairs, so work out a solid maintenance schedule for the areas in your charge. However, emergencies can happen even to the best-maintained property, so make sure that you have a plan for emergencies as well.

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