The Dos and Dontʼs of Condo Rental Management in Denver

Condo rental managers are trained professionals that help landlords manage their affairs. Moreover, they are the central helpline in case of emergencies.

The main dos of condo rental management in Denver are property rental valuation, deposit return negotiations, viewings of rental properties, and rental collection. To this list, we can also add: ensuring a high standard of service, thoroughly vetting the tenants, installing gas appliances, and reinforcing safety measures.

Denver property management

In addition, preferred Denver property management professionals can also deal with: inspections, rent reviews, tenancy repairs, legal obligations or responsibilities, official reference checks, utility providers, and transfer of utilities.

Conversely, the main dontʼs include: neglecting legal duties, tolerating or accepting poor landlord practices, putting tenants in vulnerable positions, and failing to protect the deposit or to obtain energy performance and gas safety certificates. Not getting a minimum energy performance rating of E can lower the property’s value.

Moreover, not performing annual gas safety checks can endanger tenants’ lives. It is also unacceptable for property managers not to comply with legislation or local codes. It can take the contracts out of the ethical and professional framework required to bind the agreement legally. In addition, property managers are responsible for drafting tenancy agreements with detailed info on the terms agreed on by both parties.


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