The Difference Between Single Home and Condo Management in Denver

Although property managers follow their own distinct rules and specialization, which might not differ much across the industry itself, single home property managers and condo management in Denver, CO have some key differences.

One of the most important differences we can speak of is that single home rental management Denver companies work directly with the owner of the property, while condo rental management in Denver works closely with a homeowner association (HOA) that represents the collective interests of all condo owners.

Single home property managers are responsible for the maintenance of the individual property, while condo management companies deal with the maintenance of the common areas of the building or complex. As a result, owning a condo might entail a more complex set of maintenance requirements overall.

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There is also a pretty significant difference when it comes to financial management. While single family home property management services handle rent collection and financial management for the individual property, while condo management companies handle the financial management of the entire building or complex, including collecting HOA fees and paying for common area expenses.

All of these differences lead to discrepancies regarding legal issues as well, which have to be accounted for whenever you have legal concerns. Condo management companies may have to deal with legal issues such as disputes between condo owners or with the HOA or city. With a single family property, there might not be as much hassle, as legal disputes will only apply to the individual owner of the property and any tenants that might reside there.

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