The Basics on How Property Management Companies Operate

Property management refers to the management of a property performed by third parties – specialized companies. They deal directly with the relationship with tenants, to save landlords` time, to advertise the property, to comply with the laws and rules of the area in which it is located, to perform the necessary documents for rent, rent collection, repairs and maintenance or to deal with tenants` complaints. In addition, such a company contributes through its know-how and experience in property management, so as to maximize the profit on the investment made in real estate.

condo rental management Denver

Through integrated property management services, experienced condo rental management Denver companies offer the following:

  • Proactive management and administration of the building
  • Representing the client in relation to tenants, contractors and authorities
  • Building a long-term partnership with customers
  • Proactive approach to increasing property value
  • Collection of rent, maintenance costs and utilities from property tenants, according to the contractual terms
  • Supervision of services so as to ensure the efficient and high quality operation of the building
  • Implementation of maintenance cost optimization systems
  • Long-term planning of repair and renovation works
  • Management of leases
  • Real estate market analysis
  • Support in the implementation of the green certification of the building, as well as other systems and processes through which the property differentiate itself from others


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