When Should You Consider Switching Property Management Companies

If you have been working with a property manager, but you don’t seem to get the results that you expected of the collaboration, it might be a good idea to switch to a different company.

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Here are some situations that should make you consider a new property manager:

  • You are not receiving the services that you have signed for – check the contract that you have with the property manager and all the other documents that contain the details of the company’s services. If the company has failed to fulfill any of their duties, you might want to consider terminating the contract;
  • Your property’s condition is deteriorating – one of the principal tasks of rental management Denver property managers is to ensure that the property that they are in charge of is in great condition. If you see that your property is in a worsening state of repair and the issue persists even after you have voiced your concerns, it is time to look for a new property manager;
  • Missed deadlines – if your property manager keeps delivering the rent collected for you with delays and if your vacancies stay unoccupied for too long, these are also reasons to start looking for a new property management partner.

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