What Does Professional Single Family Home Property Management Look Like?

single family home property management

Single-family home property management is a set of services provided by professionals experienced in handling and managing all the aspects related to rental properties and who provide specialized services dedicated to the landlords of single-family properties. Here are some of the tasks handled by these property managers:

  • Coordinating contractors –the rental property and the surrounding landscape need regular maintenance and even repairs now and then. One of the most critical tasks of specialized single family home property management companies is to enroll the property into various maintenance programs and to coordinate the work of specialized contractors to handle repair needs and scheduled upgrades.
  • Minimizing vacancies – property managers usually take on marketing and screening tasks to advertise vacancies and find the right tenants. Property managers also provide screening services to make sure the candidates will be able to pay the rent on time and that they are reliable people who take good care of the rental property.
  • A point of contact between the tenants and the landlord – one of the most important tasks of property managers is to take over all the tasks the landlord would handle otherwise, including communication with the tenants. A good property manager can handle all those tasks without involving the landlord, requiring the owner’s attention only for significant decisions.



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