What do Property Managers Do?

A property manager is a third party who is employed by a property owner or investor to manage the day-to-day operations of rental properties. They handle many aspects of residential, commercial or industrial properties, ensuring that the property is rented, looks good, works smoothly and maintains its market value. Property managers represent the liaison between landlords and tenants; they also deal with complaints, repairs, maintenance, occupancy and budget management.

The exact responsibilities of Denver residential property management companies will vary depending on the type of property he / she manages and the conditions of the management contract.

Denver residential property management

In general, a property manager maintains the property at construction standards, permanently improves it, maintains a friendly relationship with the owners, calculates costs, evaluates situations and maintains an open and fair relationship with local authorities and implicitly with technical departments. He / she has information on possible restrictions, interruptions of utilities, prevents and solves complaints and applies internal regulations, inspects units, receives and puts into operation works and responds to emergencies. A property manager also prepares annual expenditure budgets, collects outstanding debts according to the legislation in force, prepares reports, collects and analyzes data and follows trends. Last but not least, the property manager maintains the quality of cleaning services through control activities of the subordinate cleaning and maintenance staff.


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