Things to Consider If You Manage A Condo

If you are a condo board member, you need to participate in important decision making processes pertaining to the condition of the property, calculations related to rental fees, the collection of the fees calculated, maintenance and repair expenses, maybe you are even involved in solving emergencies, such as roof leaks or burst pipes.

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Handling all these tasks is time- and energy-consuming, the best solution for all of them being to hire an experienced property manager, so here are a few things to have in mind while looking for such a partner:

  • Look for a company with previous experience in the field and one that has good reputation, too – condos have special needs in terms of repair and maintenance procedures as well in terms of communication with the tenants, therefore hiring a recommended condo rental management Denver company with a long track record of handling such issues successfully and of being reliable is essential;
  • Service range – some property managers provide only services pertaining to the daily life of the property, such as the management of cleaning, repairs and maintenance sessions, while others provide financial services, such as rent collection. Figure out the types of services that you need and find a company that provides all that.

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