The Challenges of Single-Family Home Property Management

               Single-family homes are spacious and provide a lot of privacy due to the fact that they are not located within apartment buildings. Professional single family home property management teams can: help the landlord manage the investment, advertise and market to find a tenant, screen prospective tenants to find someone reliable and responsible, collect rent, chase late payments, attend to tenants and answer their questions, keep accounting and tax information, perform regular inspections and emergency upkeep, and evict bad tenants while also complying with regulations.

single family home property management

            The main common problems with single-family homes are the changes to the property: painting the walls or digging into the garden.  Moreover, managing a single-family home incurs quite a few fees such as: the basic management fee (that is paid monthly –usually 10% of the gross rent), flat fees, setup fees (paid when first signing up with the company in order to add the property to the management setting and set up banking), a leasing or lease-renewal fee to manage the paperwork and a vacancy fee for when the property is vacant.

            There are many benefits to using property management for single-family rentals. These benefits include: meeting legal obligations, diversifying investments, managing properties remotely, helping with multiple investment properties, building a portfolio, keeping the vacancy rate down and making sure that the upkeep issues are dealt with properly.

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