How Property Management Companies Make Money

In short, property management services can be described as sets of activities and procedures by which a specialized company manages a property offered for rent, from property valuation and verification of potential tenants to the release of space and the conclusion of a new lease.

Denver residential property management

Among the most important features of Denver residential property management services are:

  • valuation and preparation of rental property
  • advertising the property
  • checking the eligibility of potential tenants
  • preparation of the documents necessary for rent
  • monthly rent collection
  • payment of the utility costs
  • periodic space inspection
  • evacuation of bad tenants
  • facility management – maintenance, cleaning, rodent control, disinfection

In general, the costs associated with the services offered by property management companies are based on either a fee calculated as a percentage of the monthly rent received (between 8% and 12%, depending on the type of property, the number of properties handed over to the administration etc.), either as a fixed amount per administered square meter.

Depending on the options of each owner, there may be optional services, which are commissioned separately (space planning, energy efficiency solutions, smart home and cost optimization etc.).

A Denver company specialized in property management will increase the efficiency and profitability of a property, will help reduce or eliminate the risks associated with renting, along with saving the most precious asset we all have – time.

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