How Do Denver Property Managers Screen Tenants?

Denver property managers

Tenant screening is an essential part of the renting process – though it is considered by many property managers to be the most tedious part of finding a good tenant, screening the applicants before choosing the tenant is the best way to ensure that the landlord’s property will be taken care of properly and the rent will also be paid as it should be. Here are some methods employed by reputable Denver property managers :

  • Using an application form – the document should be filled by each applicant with details that are relevant for the renting process, such as personal details, the size of the applicant’s household, their source of income and employment, references from previous landlords;
  • Requiring a credit report – credit checks are also important parts of the tenant screening process, many property managers include credit reports into the list of the documents they need to be attached to the tenant applications;
  • Background checks – these checks are very important for deciding whether the applicant is a good choice for the landlord and for the neighbors. The document will reveal whether the applicant has a criminal record, if they have been evicted before and whether they have any past or ongoing legal issues;
  • Tenant interview – personal meetings are usually more revealing than documents, so the screening process usually includes face to face discussions, too.

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