How Can You Benefit From Denver Condo Rental Management Services?

Do you need a serious tenant? Denver Condo Property Management services can help!

The property management contract refers to entrusting the management of a rental property to a trustee, which is a property management company. Experienced condo rental management Denver services support landlords who want to make the most out of their investment with little to no involvement in administration or interactions with the tenants.

condo rental management Denver

What are the concrete advantages?

Legal assistance

  • elaboration of the rental contract
  • signing the rental agreement
  • obtaining the energy certificate
  • registration of the rental contract with the financial administration
  • payment of the annual taxes
  • concluding/ renewing the property insurance
  • legal advice for setting up companies, tax representatives, cadaster, etc.
  • legal advice for solving non-payment situations

Property management

  • collecting the rent and depositing it in the owner’s account
  • periodical verification of the status of the property
  • collection and payment of maintenance and utility bills
  • maintaining good relationship with tenants
  • solving all unforeseen situations, 24/7
  • supervision of the revisions of the thermal/electrical installations
  • visiting the property together with potential tenants
  • handing over the property to the new tenants
  • history of receipts, payments and all expenses

Property maintenance

  • preparation of the property for rent: sanitization, cleaning, etc.
  • interior/exterior repairs and renovations
  • repairs and maintenance of thermal and sanitary installations
  • repairs and maintenance of electrical installations
  • budget estimate required for furnishing and equipping the property
  • supervision of renovation, maintenance, or furnishing works

Property management professionals know how to save their clients time and money with reliable maintenance and cost-effectiveness. They also know how to manage and respond to tenant’s requests to save money in the long run.


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