Discussing the Screening of Your Tenants with Denver Property Managers

When discussing the screening process of your tenants with a Denver property manager, you can decide which steps you should handle on your own and which should be dealt with by the manager. Usually, the more unpleasant parts of the screening process are the ones that should be left to property managers to deal with. One such part is the rejection of an applicant. Managers know how to deny an application politely and in writing. They begin by thanking the applicant for their interest and then express regret while specifying why the applicant is being denied.

Denver property managers

However, as a property owner, you can also allow the manager to carry out all of the steps and just discuss the screening results to make a final decision at the end of the process. Dedicated Denver property managers are often responsible creating a rental listing, setting requirements and defining what the standards are, requesting elaborate applications, verifying identity and essential information, running a background check, asking for references, interviewing potential tenants, inviting the candidates to view the unit, reviewing all of the interviewees and making a decision. Many extra steps can be added to make the screening process even more thorough. It is up to the proprietor if he decides to discuss introducing more steps with the manager. These steps can include getting the contact info of a former landlord and calling to check if the tenants upheld all contractual obligations, paid the bills on time, or caused any issues. They also include verifying criminal history and personal information by using Google search and social media or getting in touch with friends or acquaintances of prospective tenants.


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