Dealing with Rental Management – Denver Property Managers Screening Your Tenants

condo rental management Denver

One of the main tasks that condo rental management Denver companies are in charge of is tenant screening – without a proper screening process in place, landlords risk having tenants who do not fit into the property’s community or who fail to fulfill their contractual duties. Here is how property managers go about screening potential tenants:

  • Determining expectations – one of the most important parts of developing a proper screening procedure is determining the actual criteria that the tenants need to fulfill. Property managers have experience in determining exactly what can and what cannot be expected the future tenants and they will have those factors in mind when they developed the system of expectations;
  • Searching for tenants in the right place – different platforms attract different users. Top condo rental management Denver companies have extensive knowledge of available platforms where property rental ads can be placed and they know how to choose the resources that must meet the landlords expectations;
  • Knowing what documents to check – property managers know exactly what kind of documents to ask potential tenants to provide. The documents most commonly requested include proof of employment and the document that proves the potential tenant has a healthy credit history and will be able to pay the rent in time. In some cases potential tenants might be requested to provide a letter of recommendation from their previous landlord.


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