Can Denver Property Managers Screen New Tenants?

Denver residential property management

Denver property managers can and do screen new tenants, tenant checking being one of the major tasks undertaken by property managers. The process of tenant screening is complex and sensitive because personal details and financial information are transmitted and checked. It requires a careful and tactful approach. A recommended Denver residential property management team confirms that tenant screening involves a number of steps and checks – here are some that you should know about:

  • Pre-screening during the application phase – the forms used during the pre-screening process will be filled in by the potential tenant with information related to the planned move-in date, their employment status, the size of the household that will be moving into the property, renter history, and other minor
  • A credit check – the verification of the tenant’s credit score is also an important part of the screening process. It is intended to make sure that the tenant’s financial situation is sufficiently solid to ensure timely payments of the rent.
  • A background check – property managers usually verify the applicant’s criminal records as well.
  • The verification of employment and income – property managers also take the time to check the information provided by the tenant related to their employment status and financial situation.

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