3 Tips for Preparing Your Rental Property for New Tenants

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Whether you are the proud new owner of a rental property in Denver or some of your tenants have just moved out, one of the most important tasks you should see to before you start advertising your vacancies is to prepare your new property for the new occupants. Here are some tips from one of the most in demand property management companies Denver has:

  • Choose a manager – one of the tasks that Denver property managers undertake is exactly what you need: to check and to prepare the property for the new tenants. If necessary, your property manager will work with the right subcontractors to accomplish any cleaning and repairs deemed necessary;
  • Test all the systems – turn the lights on and off, operate the doors, the windows, check the taps, the faucets and the fixtures everywhere and also check the roof and painting on the walls before giving your manager the go-ahead to start advertising your property;
  • Consider the decorations – your property needs not only to be up to code and functional, but attractive as well. Before you start advertising, add a few potted plants or install planters on the corridors and make sure that the pictures you use in your ads show your property at its very best.

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